Terms & Conditions

The present Agreement, the terms and conditions of the application and the services offered by Cartico.com (hereafter Terms and conditions) establishes the terms and conditions which shall be respected by any person who visits or uses the website Cartico.com (hereafter Website) or may use in any way the website as a Service, or the application (hereafter Application). This is as agreement between the Administrator of the Website and the Application (hereafter Cartico) and any person who visits, enters, wishes to use and / or uses the Service and / or the Application.


The consequence of the refusal of the Terms and conditions presented herebelow is that the user shall immediately exit the website, and shall immediately stop to use the Service and/ or the Application. The registration to the Website and / or the use of the Service and / or the Application means that the User gives it’s full consent and accepts the Terms and Conditions hereby, every provisions of it, including the later modifications which may be realized by Cartico anytime without any limits and notification.


The User who registers to the Website accepts the hereby Terms and Conditions and declares on it’s personal responsibility that it is at least 18 years old, and according to the legal requirements in force in the possession of it’s full mental ability it is able to perform commercial activities and it is fully authorized in this scope, respects the legal provisions considering taxes and all the provisions which refer to the commercial activity and the related activities. The User who does not conform to the Terms and Conditions hereby shall immediately leave the Website and shall immediately stop using the Application.


Application and Services


The content of the Website, the graphics, the Applicationd and the Services are considering every part and element, but limited to these, the text, the present and future technical codes and resources, the solutions of the Website, Application, Services are under the exclusive property and author’s rights of Cartico, with the exception of those causes when the content is under the property of other person, or when the content is sent by any method by the User, or made public by the User on the Website.


The content of the Website and every part of it which may locates anywhere on the Website may only be used for personal purposes. Any use of content by a third party, for other than personal purposes may happen solely on the basis of the written prior consent of Cartico. Therefore, it is prohibited to copy the Website of any part of it, it is also prohibited the re-shooting and publishing, broadcasting, marketing, partial or full sharing, the sharing of the content and / or modified content of the Website and / or any part of it for other than personal purposes.


This is an application which is available trough the Website and the user may incorporate it into it’s own website, blog by following the “embed” menu instructions. The User understands and accepts that the Application and /or the Services are available and provided on the basis of the principle “as it is” by Cartico. The person who uses the Application accepts the condition hereabove mentioned, as well as any other part of the Terms and Conditions, and on this basis the Users use the Application and or the Service on their own personal responsibility. Therefore Cartico it is not liable in any way and any measure regarding the content of the Website and the information published on the Website including but not limited to the text, pictures, data, databases, applications, the Application and / or the Service and any other activity which is considering the Website, the Application and / or Service, or it is related to any of the hereabove mentioned, or it considers or / and it is related to the legal consequences of any of the hereabove mentioned. The User understands and accepts the availability of the Website, Application and / or Service may be affected by other objective factors for which Cartico it is not liable in any way and any measure.


Cartico does not offer any guarantee and it is not liable in any way and any measure in case of damage caused by the use of the Website , Application and / or Services or every component part, module of it, or the impossibility to use the hereabove mentioned, regardless of any cause of it, nor for the misinterpretation of the content of the Website, Application and / or the Service.


Function of Application and / or Services


The Application may be used by that User for it’s own responsibility only, who registers to the Website and by this accepts the present Terms and Conditions. At the registration for the use of Application it is required to name the webshop for the creation of which the User wishes to use the Application and for the functioning of which will use the Application from the moment of registration



Under the menu “Dashboard” in case the User did not uploaded any product before may learn the presentation method of the new products by the help of the Application in it’s own online store (on-line store), and using the tutorial video material may upload a new product to it’s online store by using the Application. Here also may select on the Website by using the Application from the given “design” models the one fits the best it’s online store. Here also User may select and adjust the currency and payment method by which User would like to sell it’s products via online store. If the User has uploaded at least one product to it’s online store, it may view under the “Dashboard” menu the most recent orders, the most recent uploaded products, may close the webshope by using the Application, and may promote it’s online store in different social networks. 



Under the “Orders” the User may follow the orders received by it’s online store created by the help of the Application and may adjust that the given order was responded or not. If it is necessary the User may print the selected order



Under the “Products” menu the User may upload new to it’s online store may modify, or delete them. In case of uploading a new product the User may select an unlimited number of products category. In case a product has several characteristics like parameters, color etc. the User may adjust these, too.



Under the Pages menu the User may adjust plus menu points by the help of the Application to the online store. The user may add two different kind of menu points to it’s online store:

- Description - text content to provide menu points like About us, Useful information, Contact etc.

- Link – an hyperlink to another website



Under the Design menu the User may select and adjust by the Application on the Website from the design models the one that fits the best it’s online store.



The User can choose in the "Settings" menu and change the name of the shop, in the language of appearance, and also that how many items / products / website would like to upload and display in it’s online store. The User may choose the paying method for it’s online store:

- it shall be displayed a contact form instead of the payment option and the User will contact it’s clients

- the User shall accept the payments made trough a PayPal account


Also the User here may modify it’s Password necessary to access the Website.



By clicking the “Store View” menu point the User may view the on-line store with it’s complete set of applications, at an interface which is available for every third person to be viewed.


It is absolutely forbidden for every User without exception to upload and display or offer to purchase for any person whenever to the on-line store by using the Website and / or the Application products and / or services which are illegal.


The User accepts and agrees that Cartico has the right to immediately disable and stop the access of the User to the Website, and delete the User’s registration, cease the functioning of the User’s on-line store and destroy the on-line store without any notice according to the Cartico’s arbitrary criteria whenever it may occur any suspicion regarding that the User might have created an on-line store by the Application that offers to purchase illegal products and / or services for any third person. In these cases, the User is not entitled to any compensation.


In these cases hereabove mentioned Cartico is not liable in any way.


Every User is prohibited to use during using the Website or Application any spyware, virus, or any kind of program, software, regardless of whether their use is contrary to law or not. The Cartico has the right to immediately delete the User’s registration and ban from the site entering and destroy the shop of the User who uses any viruses, spyware or any other program, software during using the Cartico Website, as well as of Application.


However, Cartico is not responsible and liable at any extent for damages caused to any User or it’s on –line store customers by using any virus, spyware, software, program by another User of the Application or any other third party, although Cartico tries to eliminate and prevent such cases.


Limitation of liability


Cartico does not take any responsibility or guarantee neither expressed nor implicitly for the content of the Website and Application, as well as for using the Application by any User. Cartico makes any effort necessary to increase the trust and confidence in the Website and for the correct operation of the Application. Cartico is not responsible for any extent for the substantive, technical errors that may occur during using the Application.


The User agrees and accepts that Cartico it is not liable to any extent for the possible shutdown, interruption, functional errors, technical difficulties or failure of the Website and / or Application, as well as in every situation when it is not proved in front of Court of law that the cause of failure is directly and exclusively Cartico’s fault.


The User declares that Cartico it is not liable to any extent for the direct or indirect damages, including but not limited to the loss of income, economic failure, or other fiscal damages caused by the use of Website or Application, or for any factor that is generated by the legal consequences of using the content of the Website and / or Application.


The User accepts and agrees that Cartico it is not liable to any extent for the advertising messages and materials displayed or linked on the Website nor for the products and services offered by the advertising materials and messages.


The User accepts and agrees that Cartico it is not liable to any extent for the content and services, products of the websites linked on the Website including but not limited to the on-line stores and their websites created by the users of the Application.


In case of force majeure Cartico, it’s managers, employees, directors, subdivisions, branches, offices, representatives, etc. are fully exempted from liability. Cases of force majeure may be such, but are not limited to Cartico installation failure, technical problems and lack of failure, internet connection Cartico server of IT viruses, lack of telephone connection, cyber attacks on, and any malicious external IT intervention, the Web penetrate without the systems of authorization, operational failures, strikes, power supply, etc. the suspension.


Users agree to protect and fully indemnify the Cartico and its managers, employees, directors, sub-units, branches, with branch offices, representatives of any request, claim, action, event, losses, penalties, ask for costs (including, but not limited to attorneys' fees, experts, consultants, executives employment fees, court, notary, bailiff's fees), actions, decisions, judgments, additions, or any other obligations which are related or the results of the User's activity on the Website, or regarding the use of the Website and / or the Application.


Cartico it is not liable to any extent for the content displayed by any User on the website of it’s on-line store created by using of the Application, nor for the products and services offered for purchase through the on-line stores made by using the Application, and the methods trough which these on-line stores actually function.

Personal data protection


By using the Application and the Website the User declares it’s explicit agreement that Cartico may store and use the personal data provided by the User.


The consequence of the refusal to provide the personal data requested by Cartico is that the User may not use the Application and the Website..


Cartico stores and uses the provided personal data only safely according to the purposes specified in Law 506/2004 regarding the personal data protection in electronic communication..


Cartico stores and uses the personal data provided by the User only for the purpose of electronic communication services and their optimization as well as for marketing and advertising. When the user registers for the Website, agrees with the Terms and Conditions hereabove presented and accepts that Cartico form that moment may notify the User by news letter about it’s services, novelties, similar services etc..


The User has the right to express disagreement with the hereabove mentioned according to the Law 677/2001, to interfere in the use of it’s own personal data and not to give it’s consent to be subjected to individual decisions, and has the right to address itself to the Court of law..


The User may disagree with the use of it’s personal data and may request the deletion of it’s personal data from the Website. The User agrees that the consequence of the deletion f it’s personal data from the Website it shall be the shutdown of it’s registration account on the Website and of it’s access to the Website, as well as the immediate shutdown of it’s on-line store and the stopping to use the of the Application..


When the provided personal data are incorrect, please contact Cartico at the following e-mail address::

[email protected]



The Website uses cookies. The purpose of the following information is to give details about the place and using cookies by the Website. The Website uses it’s own and third party cookies in order to provide a more complete, better quality user experience.


The use of cookies allows faster access to a variety of services on the Internet, such as:


- personalizing options : eg. user language, etc

- Cookies convey very useful feedback information to the website operators to make their services more efficient and accessible to the demands of users 

- Cookies permit multimedia and other applications that some other sites also become available, more comfortable, , thus making the internet more useful cooking times 

- Cookies enhance the effectiveness of advertising, the achievement of the target audience


A cookie is a small folder that is stored in the computer and it is consisited by numbers and shall be stored on the computer or a mobile terminal or any other device that uses the internet as users of letters and numbers. A cookie is installed based on a request the web server sent to the browser and it is completely passive, which means it does not contain any program or virus, and does not allow access to information stored on the user's hard driver.


The cookies may be divided on two big categories:

1. Session cookies - temporarily stored in the web browser dossier

2. Permanent cookies - are stored in hardware devices in the driver's memory or on the Internet


The advantage of cookies is that establish the connection between the web browser (user) and the web server (website), so they make more comfortable and pleasent to use and access information.


The most cookies on this website are placed by third parties, so they are “third part cookies”. Some third parties use cookies to examine how many person viewed a certain advertisement, how many person watch it more times. The companies which generate these cookies have they own confidentiality politics and this Website or Cartico has no access to read or write these cookies. The third pary cookies may be important for targeted advertising based on the activity on the Website..


Cartico uses it’s own cookies for placing targeted advertising..


Cartico uses it’s own cookies to make for every User more easier the shopping in the on-line stores created by the Application, so when an on-line store created by the Application is integrated into another website (embedding) than Cartico generated for every user who accessed the on-line store one unic code which helps further targeting the information and makes it easier the shopping..


The cookies are not viruses, they use plain-text format. However, cookies may be used in a negative way too, using spyware programs, or if the user is not connected to the Internet via a secure network (eg. Unsecured wi-fi), and an unauthorized party steals the data moving between the web server and web browser..


Therefore it is important that the user finds the most appropriate method for the protection of it’s personal data..


By disabling cookies the most popular and known websites like youtube, gmail, yahoo will be inaccessible for the User..


Disabling cookies does not mean that in the future the User will not receive advertising via internet, but that this advertising will not be targeted..


The web browsers give the possibility for setting, downloading, disabling the cookies..


It is possible to set up the web browser so that this shall not allow the use of cookies anymore, or to allow it from one or more particular websites. For better understanding of these setting please access the “Help” menu point at the herebelow mentioned possibilities:

- Cookie settings in Internet explorer

- Cookie settings in Firefox

- Cookie Settings in Chrome

- Cookie Settings in Safari


To know better the confidentiality of the on-line advertising or better understanding the cookies settings the User may access www.youronlinechoices.com/ro.


In case the User would like to get more information about cookies and the use of cookies, it may read the Microsoft cookies guide or the All about cookies website.


In case a website does not require the browser to send information only trough secure channels the possible data fisher colud exploit the vulnerability of the system and may send information trough unsecure channels, also. Later, these data fisher may use the information to get access to certain website without authorization. It is very important for the User to select the most adequate information protection for it’s personal data. At the same time, the use of cookies it is now inevitable in the Internet world, the bigger websites all use cookies.


In order to protect it’s personal data and allow the use of cookies in a secure way the User may do the following:


- Set up the browser to allow cookies which makes more comfortable the surfing on the internet, but it is also still secure

- In case the User it is not disturbed by the cookies, and it is the only person who uses the computer, set up longer session time cookies, which memorize the access information.

- In case the user is not the only person who uses the computer set up the computer to delete every time the surfing information.


The User should install and actualize periodically antivirus and firewall applications.


The regulation. Litigation


The rights and obligations of the Terms and conditions hereabove mentioned and all the possible legal consequences of them are applicable and interpretable according to the Romanian law. Every conflict related to the Terms and conditions hereabove mentioned shall be solved in an amicable way. In case these litigation will not be solved in an amicable way they will be subjected to the Court of law from the district of Cartico.


Amendment of Terms and conditions


Cartico may amend anytime, anyhow the Terms and conditions hereabove mentioned partially or totally, without any previous notification and without fulfilling any formality towards the User. Every amendment shall be considered accepted totally in case the User will continue to use the Website / Application after making the amendment, and the consequence of the refusal to accept the amendment is the obligation of the user to leave the Website immediately and cease and desist the use of Application / Website.